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We specialize in onside catering, serving the Toronto, Brampton and surrounding areas. Because every occasion is different “Jamaica House Jerk” offers custom catering services to suit your specific needs, offering delicious fresh tasting breakfasts, lunches and dinners “Jamaica House Jerk” can accommodate all your catering needs. We have become the #1 leader in Caribbean favorites and signature dishes.

When you think “Jamaica House Jerk”, you believe in freshly cooked and hot Jamaican food. If your company’s luncheon is 1 hour, our service is designed to serve on average all guests within 15 minutes or less. Only Top Quality Food is what we serve with the highest food safety standards. Catering is our specialty!

Our team of culinary specialists designs innovative ways to present and style the catered food by taking creativity to the next level. Only profound service, outstanding quality and cooking skills result in more successful catering events! Let “Jamaica House Jerk” bring the skills and attention to the table. To organize a party you already have a lot on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is tables, chairs, entertainment etc. Let us help you feed your guests, stress-free! Choose from our large selection of Caribbean favourites and signature dishes. if you need staffing services, let us know. Please call or visit us for more details

Authentic Jamaican Crusine

Our meals are prepared with the best high grade ingerdients that stay true to Jamaican Crusine. The food we serve is rich in authentic Jamaican herbs and spices, the food taste like it is coming "straight from Yaad.".

Quality Catering Services

We provide in-home full service catering and specialize in formal, served dinners for smaller groups, larger-group buffet dinners, barbeques, parties and more.

Affordable Prices

Get the best value for your money when you purchase our satisfying and filling meals.

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